Precision Machining – Done Right

In today’s world of contract manufacturing, there is a lot more to producing precision-machined parts than just the precision machining. In fact, with the capabilities of modern CNC machine tools, some would say that the actual machining is the easy part. To take a job from a drawing or CAD/CAM file to final, on-time delivery is a demanding task, requiring the perfect blend precision-machining expertise, organization and a company-wide commitment to total quality and customer service.

Hi-Tech Precision has been delivering quality precision-machined parts on-time for more than a decade, but our roots go back even farther… to 1977 when Curt McPherson first began to learn his trade as a machinist. More than thirty-five years in the industry has taught Curt many things, but nothing more important than this simple axiom: “Get it right the first time.” When we make a promise to our customers, we do whatever it takes to deliver. Period. No excuses. That is why our largest customers have been with Hi Tech Precision since the beginning, and that kind of loyalty speaks volumes in today’s ultra-competitive business climate. When it comes to delivering quality precision-machined parts on time, nobody does it better than Hi Tech Precision. Contact Us today and let us show you what our commitment to total quality and customer service can do for you.

Flexible Schedules and Quick Responses

Being a small manufacturing company has its advantages. Unlike our larger competitors, Hi Tech Precision does not have layers of management and complicated chains of command that slow down the decision making process. When you call us you speak directly to one of the owners, a person who can make things happen. This direct communication is essential when it comes to providing quick responses and maintaining flexible, dynamic delivery schedules.

At Hi Tech Precision we understand that just-in-time deliveries and minimum lead times are essential if you want to remain competitive, and our commitment to the principles of lean manufacturing offers you a cost-effective machining solution second to none in the industry. We also offer value-added services including: processing, light assembly, CAD/CAM, Kan-Ban configurations, long-term purchasing agreements, and just-in-time shipping schedules. Our hands-on approach to customer service, combined with decades of precision-machining knowledge and expertise, gives you the reliability and flexibility you need to remain competitive in the 21st century. Call us today to learn more about the lean, cost-effective manufacturing solutions available at Hi Tech Precision.

Built-In Quality and Reliability

Since the very beginning, Hi Tech Precision has focused on providing an outstanding level of quality and reliability to our customers. Our business has grown steadily over the years because we keep our promises and we do what we say we will do. Our commitment to our customers also means a continuing investment in the latest precision-machining technology, as well as in the people who run it. This technology includes a quality system complaint with ISO 9001 and AS9100 to ensure that every part we ship has undergone and passed rigorous in-process and final inspection procedures. Our entire organization is designed to manufacture your order to print and deliver it on time, no matter what it takes, each and every time.

Over the years, Hi Tech Precision has earned a reputation for exceptional value and uncompromising quality by delivering on our promises. Our customers count on us to deliver what they need, when they need it… and so can you. Let us show you what our company-wide commitment to built-in quality and reliability can do for you.

Dedicated Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset

At Hi Tech Precision we understand that even the most advanced CNC equipment in the world is useless without the people to run it. In today’s competitive business climate, talented and dedicated employees make all the difference when it comes to quality, reliability and outstanding customer service. Hi Tech Precision is proud to have some of the best craftsmen in the business, our employees have an average of eighteen years of precision-manufacturing experience. We maintain an ongoing training program aimed at continuous improvement at every level of our organization, with incentives and compensation that attracts and retains the most talented machinists you will find anywhere. At Hi Tech Precision we take very good care of our people and we are proud of their accomplishments; they are a real testament to our commitment to individual achievement and excellence.

When it comes to delivering customer satisfaction, we have the modern facilities and the dedicated, talented employees to make it happen. Put the Hi Tech Precision team to work for you and find out what we can do for your business.

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